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7 High Quality Planners & Journals for Entrepreneurs in 2023

Life is chaotic as an entrepreneur.  You need to make sure sales are rolling in, your clients are happy, recruiters aren’t poaching your staff, and the market doesn’t completely wipe out your business.It can be stressful. And it doesn’t stop.I know this because I’ve had the pleasure of bootstrapping a profitable startup that was eventually acquired. […]

How to get a chiseled jawline with these 8 steps

You need to pay attention here because a chiseled jawline might just change your life.  I’m not being dramatic either.  Remember Jeremy Meek, the criminal with the chiseled jawline? Well, he won the hearts of every woman around the globe along with multiple modeling contracts. Not bad for a former crips gang member who did […]

44+ positive affirmations for men who want to win in life

I’ve always felt a bit weird when it comes to affirmations and mantras.  Something made me feel uncomfortable repeating sentences and hoping my life will change for the better. Maybe you’re the same. But here’s the thing. Mantras, positive affirmations, journaling, and all the other self-help practices only work when you’re taking deliberate action toward […]

14 best self help books for men on their quest to become great

Trying to take control of your life and achieve the highest levels of success? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! In this post, I’m going to introduce to you the best self-help books for men to read at least once in their life. Hopefully twice.  Whether you want to improve your health, […]

The 27 Best Podcasts For Men Who Want To Win in 2023

I’m sharing something personal today gentleman, something that’s been an integral part of my daily routine and self-growth journey.  Podcasts.  They’ve been my loyal companions during long commutes, walks, workouts, and even while I enjoy my morning coffee.  I believe in their power to influence, educate, and even change lives, so I’ve curated a list […]